#30 – Ggr Fzzah, Ruler of Vermin

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Ggr F’zzah is an ageless alien emperor, calling himself the “Ruler of Vermin”, with vermin being any other being except for him. Ggr F’zzah considers himself the one being entitled to ruling every planet. In his verly long life, he has conquered and worn out several hundreds of worlds, always moving on to the next planet after having had enough distraction from his everlasting boredom by watching every culture on a planet live in fear and die.
Ggr F’zzah is huge (see the human figure next to his foot for comparison) and heavily armored with thick, impenetrable scales.

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Sam is a prized comicbook artist from Germany. He is co-founder and head teacher of the first free school for comicbook arts (est. 2003), located in Munich, Germany.

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