#30 Kan’ahn-Greatmother, She Who Is

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30 親

Kan’ahn-Greatmother • She Who Is

She goes by many names and in many variations, but she is the Greatmother, the Grand President, who officially welcomes the new Parade participants after the long walk. Her tattoos tell the story of the world. Once a new Parade participant enters the City for the first time, she herself paints on them their tattoo. Every soul gets one; in the event that some acquire multiple passes and return to the Layer of Mortality, the tattoo stays with them, branded in their minds, hearts or motor function, often predetermining certain key events that led them to acquire the tattoo.

She is also inspired from renditions of the goddess Kan’on, of mercy and life. My take on how death is actually another beginning and a blessing, I hope, that everyone’s characters are little beginnings of awesome things.

I thought she would be significant to add to the lot as the 30th, instead of the 2nd as I initially hoped, and I will dedicate her to all of those struggling to finish their 30th, who have killed their 30th early on, and here’s to another Ghost Parade next year. It was an honour.

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  1. King AdBeck says:

    Congratulations on completing the challenge. Your work has been a joy to behold.

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