#30 Reiko oro-Banaru

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Name: Reiko oro-BaranuReiko oro-Baranu

World: Race

Species: Onka

Gender: Female

Age: 49

Bio: Reiko is co-chair of the Mathematics Department at NDU.  Though she does her best to be friendly and approachable by the students (she asks that they call her by her first name), she has been known to get brusque with people occasionally, most likely from the pressure that comes with her position.  She and the other co-chair, Professor Kanari, don’t exactly get along well.  Some students are fond of her while others are wary around her, which in itself isn’t all that unusual.  She’s taken an almost motherly liking to Professor Everett; despite working in different departments, the two of them often have lunch together.  The student tutors and graders of the department answer to her, and she’s the one who ultimately selected Nyarokhu and Fyorra, plus a few others, from the small pool of tutoring applicants.  She’s a bit on the short side, and she speaks with a slight accent.

[The following journal entry is translated from the original, which was written in Azenai-ro.]

There was another dinner with the school president tonight.  He’s a nice fellow, don’t get me wrong, but the dinners are always the same.  I feel justified in politely declining his invitation in favor of tackling this queue of student proofs.  Fear not, I’m in no rush.

Seems like at least once a week, I’m hearing from either Fyorra or Nyarokhu about the other.  Fyorra moreso.  I swear, you’d think they were at each others’ throats day and night, the way they complain about each other.  I’m half tempted to fire them both if they don’t knock it off soon, but being down two tutors is certainly not the wisest course of action at this time of year.  I would’ve thought it an aggressive trait of Dubina as a whole if Kristen hadn’t lauded that one student of hers so.  Nanneyo, I believe her name was.  According to Kristen she’s the sweetest thing since French Vanilla.  I certainly wouldn’t mind meeting her.  Aira’s mane, I’d welcome it after all the animosity from those other two.

Yesterday I finally had the fortune to meet Nakoa, the young lad Nalirún kept talking about.  I must say, it’s no wonder he likes that boy so much.  I could see the eager sparkle in his eyes.  From what Nalirún’s told me, he’s quiet but always alert in class, as if he can’t get enough of the knowledge he’s receiving.  I would’ve liked to have him in my own department, I admit, but a passion is a passion.  I could never keep a person from his or her dreams.

It probably isn’t the best idea to let this drag on for too long.  I’ve still got quite a few proofs to look over.  A shame that starting to work is the hardest part.  Believe me when I say I’m looking forward to winter break this year.

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