#30 The Irrational Numbers

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I guess this is more like characters 30-32, but I really wanted to nail down the design for these three. They’ll be making an appearance in the current storyline for my webcomic, and it’s always easier to design characters ahead of time.

During the occasional cross-club rumble at the Goldberg Institute for the Furtherance of Childhood Genius, the Math League usually does well.  Members of the League are about as competent at fighting as the rest of the academically focused kids at the institute, but they do have their ringers – The Irrational Numbers. Johann, Miranda and Douglas are basically human calculators — in fact, a computer has yet to be invented that can outpace them doing most calculations. Before a rumble, the rest of the league winds them up into a state of frenzy by bombarding them with series after series of nearly impossible problems. Nearly crazed at this point, the Numbers see the world as a string of equations to be solved and probabilities to be judged. You can see how this would help in a fight…

Well, that’s it for me. Check out my stuff if you like – I park my comic at duncepress.com, and it updates every Thursday. If you’re wondering what it’s about, here’s the elevator pitch: A Genre-Bending Goonies with Child Geniuses. Now I feel dirty.


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