#30 The Red Hammer

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Arkady Sidorenko or RKD-1917  or The Red Hammer.

You can’t keep a good hero down. Arkady Sidorenko is a testiment to that. Awarded “Hero of the Soviet Union” for his valor at the Battle of Anchorage, Sidorenko was not only quick to move up the ranks, but also quick to win the hearts of his nation. He was the iconic embodiment of everything the union stood for. Too bad he was a double agent.

His secret became known amongst those in power, but not the general public. Fears were that if such a prominent figure were to be exposed, the population’s morale would suffer a terrible blow. So it was decided that the hero would be “volunteering” for a highly speculative super soldier program. His “sacrifice” appeared to the public as an inspiration selfless act. And that’s when Arkady became the Red Hammer.

With his new persona, he is basically a walking super tank. Super stong, super indestructible. He’s the Union’s new secret weapon. But he’s powered by a dangerously unstable nuclear power source. The radiation is slowly eating away at his remaining organic parts. Only a special medication administered by his handlers slows the process. This insures his loyalty. But for how long? While he may’ve been designed to withstand the full force of a nuclear warhead, the Red Hammer biggest enemies seem to be time.

Drew him on 11×17. Saved him for last because I wanted to go out on it a bit, but didn’t have the adequate time to really go nuts the way I wanted to. Still I’m happy with it & of course, with this, I’ve reached 30 characters. Hot damn. Thanks for feedback, or hell, just even checking my characters out. I really appreciate it. Congrats to all the others who met the goal too. And to all the other challengers, whether you met the goal or not, it was good participating with you all.

Imma go draw some comics now.

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