Kevin Maher-30 Characters in 30 Days

| December 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

Well since everyone else was doing this I thought I should too! (thanks for the template!) This was my first 30 Characters Challenge and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve created. I actually learned a lot, some quicker photoshop coloring, some shortcuts, and the ability to create characters in an instant. I have been planning on launching my own webcomic, but I was worried about time constraints. This whole challenge taught me that it is completely doable and I have nothing to worry about. Some of these characters will totally be used. It was also interesting to see what characters people found interesting. What creators found interesting was totally different than what my non-artist friends liked. And some things I loved no one else did. Overall I am very happy I did this.

I hope you enjoyed my work. See you in the funny pages!


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