My wrap-up party :)

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As it seems all the cool kids are doing this I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon and join in too 🙂

10/30 characters sketched

10/30 characters sketched - Jay Faulkner

I REALLY enjoyed my first year of doing this and fully intend to take part next year (yes, Tyler, that is a hint that I demand that you do this again! 🙂 ) and am going to ensure that I spend the next twelve months improving with my sketches in the hope that I can not only up the quality level but maybe get closer to 30 characters drawn, as well as created.  Obviously if you want to find out about all 30 of the characters (including the 20 that didn’t make it past just words) you can do so here:

Coming out of this – on top of the fun – I am so very glad to have been able to meet and interact with so many talented and friendly people.   There are some on here that I honestly am in awe of (yes, Mr. Govar, I am looking your way 😉 ) but at least it gives me something to aspire to.  I am now going to definitely use quite a few of my characters in upcoming projects (short-stories, mostly, but potentially a novel) and am actually toying with the idea of a fun webcomic.

So, thanks Tyler, for a great, great idea!

If any of you artists feel the urge to submit your work to inspire creative writers then please don’t hesitate to check out – I can always use more great art!


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