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Amy “Of Many Faces” — 30 Characters in 30 Days

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Okay, I couldn’t figure out how to get the thumbnails to automatically be linked to their pages through the “post gallery” button. But luckily, I knew some HTML and just made a table for them. Yes, I know. It’s OCD. IT’S ALL I KNOW. I hope you enjoy my gallery, if you can stand another peek at it. Happy arting, everyone.

Marc McKenzie – 30 Characters

| December 3, 2010 | 2 Comments

…Well, not exactly 30, but it’s a good chunk, nonetheless.

I had a great time with this challenge, even if I wasn’t able to make it to #30.  I would like to continue on and perhaps put everything together in the future–we’ll see.  There were many fantastic artists who had incredible characters on display–I feel pretty humbled by some of them.  To everyone, I say, “Great job!” and will definitely take part next year.

Thanks to everyone who gave comments and kind words, and also thanks to Rob McClellan, who sent me the info for the challenge.

(Now, I hope to heaven this post works right…..)

#18 Solange, Earth Mother

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The hero known as Skyspy has faced many enemies, but his toughest one was the woman known as Solange.  She was once a young woman who sadly fell in with the wrong crowd, and for that, she was assaulted and buried in shallow grave, presumed dead.

Except that she wasn’t dead–and the ground she was buried in was located in an area known as sacred ground to the Native American tribe that once lived there centuries ago.  Some…spiritual force brought Solange back from the brink of death and gave her the power to manipulate the earth.  Seeking vengeance on those who left her for dead, Solange hunted them down and killed them.  Her actions caught the attention of the police and Skyspy.  In the battle that followed, Skyspy was able to defeat Solange, but without a great deal of property damage and wounded civilians.

Solange is currently confined in a special holding cell in a max prison, but Skyspy worries that she could break out and cause havoc in the future….

…And that’s it!  Will post the “Final Post” in a bit…hope to God I can do it right…

#17 Blade Maid

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To the Markalan family, Deb Araki is just “Deb”, their youngest and best maid.  She always dotes on young Sammy Markalan, and Sammy thinks she’s the coolest person ever.  She’s his babysitter, helps with his homework, and she can cook a mean steak and potatoes.

And she can also kill a man–or two or three, if she has to.

Deb is more than just a maid and babysitter to Sammy–she’s his bodyguard, trained from a young age in the various martial arts, including ninjitsu.  It turns out that Deb’s father, Kenzo, was a close friend of Jim Markalan, Sammy’s father.  Because of his work as a Government freelancer, Jim’s family is in constant danger.  He’d like to make sure his family has a normal life, but even the Secret Service can only do so much.

Kenzo came up with a simple idea–have Deb be young Sammy’s bodyguard, and also, she can stay with the Markalans in the US.  Simple.

Because of the bladed weapon she uses, Deb is called the “Blade Maid” in criminal and terrorist circles.

#16 Harlington Straker

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Harlington “Hal” Straker is a top Handler for the Church, and he is the Handler and partner of Alisha, the Repentant vampire.  He’s 28 years old, and jokes that he “must have a thing for older women” (Alisha, after all, is nearly 400 years old, but looks as if she’s in her early 30s….).  Straker is well-trained in the art of killing vampires, but as a Handler, he also must take care of Alisha’s other…desires.

In other words, they’ve been intimate.

He’s Alisha’s third Handler in nearly eighty years, and he’s loyal to her…even though he’s also been trained in how to kill her, should she go rouge.  Straker, however, does not think that this will ever happen.

(And yes, his name is taken from the “Harlington/Straker Film Studio” from the classic SF series UFO.)

Zak Newman’s 30 Characters

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This has been an awesome project and I’m glad I was able to see it through to the end.  I’m glad to have been here the whole way with everyone else making their awesome characters.  Hopefully some of these guys will see a life in future projects.

#15 Alisha

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Yikes!  December’s here, and it’s all over!  Well…there are a couple of characters that I was able to finish, so I’ll post them up before the last post.  Didn’t make it to 30, but I was very, very happy to participate.

In a world thousands of years removed from a major apocalypse, there are still people alive…and vampires.  Alisha is vampire, but she is a Repentant–a vampire who has sworn allegiance to humanity and will fight her own kind to ensure humanity’s survival.  Using Blessed weapons provided by the Church (and the protective gear she needs in order to handle them), Alisha fights alongside her Handler, Harlington Straker.

Discussing #30Characters and More on “The Idiot Engine”

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The other night, I had a great chat with Ted Seko, host of The Idiot Engine Podcast.  Ted was interested in picking my brain on how I use the internet…for my business, for staying connected with the comics community, and for building an ongoing relationship with readers and other creators.  Despite recording in the wee hours of the night (my time), I think it was a fruitful and interesting discussion.  I talked a lot about the success of The #30Characters Challenge, and offered advice to Ted and anyone else considering organizing something like #30Characters in the future. Shout outs to many challengers contained herein!

I hope you give it a listen. You can play it in the link below (EPISODE 37) or go to the link here.

Jared Lewis – 30 Characters in 30 Days

| December 3, 2010 | 1 Comment

Well that was fun. 30 Characters in 3o Days. Bummed I didn’t get the opportunity to clean up & color all of them during the actual challenge, mostly because I tend to be slow & detail-oriented. Apartment hunting & prepping to move didn’t help either. But I’m glad I was still able to swing it, & still be generally happy with both the art (mostly) & the variety. At some point when things calm down for me, I’m definitely hoping to go back through & get that cleaning up done, color them, & drop them into a nice big group shot. As of now, only the first week’s worth are posted on my sketchblog, but I hope to eventually update it all there, as I imagine I may not be able to update this current site for that much longer.

Thanks to Tyler James for conducting this madness, & the minty fresh layouts by Daniel Govar. Thanks to the cool people that’d retweet every time I’d shill a new link on Twitter & to all those taking the time to leave feedback. Hope you enjoyed.

K’s 30:30 Ghost Parade

| December 3, 2010 | 2 Comments

First 30 characters challenge, and I must admit, it WAS a challenge! Just sitting down to conceptualize, ink and scan thirty stories takes a lot of discipline. On the other hand it was a good, guided outlet of sorts; choosing to go with a 100 Ghosts Procession » theme, it was supposed to be simply a loose portraiture of thirty weird things; now I think it’s created its own universe of sorts, which I’ll probably expand on.

Many thanks to Tyler James for making this possible, and everyone else who participated, who, by posting their stuff consistently, encouraged enough. Thanks also to my WriMo nutfriend EK » who let me know about this in the first place. I look forward to do another set next year! 皆さんお疲れさまでした!

I created a Tumblr account separate from my main to house these guys: »

Todd Brabander – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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I did it!

30 Characters in 30 Days. It was a lot more challenging than I’d anticipated, but I’m really happy with what I came up with. I drew these on an iPad in an app called Sketchbook Pro using a Dagi stylus. I wasn’t sure if the iPad was going to work or not, but it would up being a great electronic sketchpad.

Huge thanks to Tyler James for putting this thing together and my buddy Kaebel Hashitani for telling me about it. I will definitely be back next year. Check out my web page (I do a lot more than draw) and follow me on the Twitter!