K’s 30:30 Ghost Parade

| December 3, 2010 | 2 Comments

First 30 characters challenge, and I must admit, it WAS a challenge! Just sitting down to conceptualize, ink and scan thirty stories takes a lot of discipline. On the other hand it was a good, guided outlet of sorts; choosing to go with a 100 Ghosts Procession » theme, it was supposed to be simply a loose portraiture of thirty weird things; now I think it’s created its own universe of sorts, which I’ll probably expand on.

Many thanks to Tyler James for making this possible, and everyone else who participated, who, by posting their stuff consistently, encouraged enough. Thanks also to my WriMo nutfriend EK » who let me know about this in the first place. I look forward to do another set next year! 皆さんお疲れさまでした!

I created a Tumblr account separate from my main to house these guys: KannnibalSanjuu.tumblr.com »

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  1. Kさんも本当にお疲れさまでした。

    • K says:

      @cephaloneiric ありがとうね。:) また来年、お楽しみに!
      See you next year I hope!

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