2011 Challenger: George Ward

| October 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

George Ward portartWell, it’s almost November and that means another month of character drawing.  Last year I was working on some projects that required a lot of characters so it wasn’t too hard to create the 30 characters required for the challenge.  This year, I don’t really have any projects in mind so I will likely create a lot of random characters. I want to create a few weird looking characters, maybe a few robots, some monsters, and a few cute girls.

I’m the creator of the webcomic, Dungeon Legacy, so I can always use a few monsters as adversaries of the party.  I also draw Art Animals but I haven’t finished introducing all the characters I created for that strip last year.  However, if I’m running out of ideas near the end I may create a few more animal people for the strip.

If you’re seen my entries from last year, then you know what to expect.  I also put up regular sketches on my Tumblr blog, so you can see how much my art has improved since then.  I will be trying different styles and techniques as I experiment with different ideas just to keep things interesting.

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