2011 Challenger: Saad Azim

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Self PortraitUhhh… Hi. Like the title states, my name is Saad Azim. I’m a freelance artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have waaaaaay more interest in cartoons, comics and videogames than I probably should. So much so, I spent a decent part of last year understanding the image “format” supported by the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System; because really, if you can’t create artwork that can theoretically run on an NES, what’s the point of creating it?

I found out about the 30 Character challenge from Vito Delsante, and figured it would make for an interesting challenge. I’m aiming for … something different? Weird as it may sound, I’d prefer not to think about this until November starts. I mean if I’m thinking about the characters before November 1st, they no longer fall under the 30-day-30-character rule, do they…?

What else… my single biggest artistic influence is Sergio Aragonés. Don’t know if it shows though. Errr… that’s all.

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