2011 Challenger: Vito Delsante

| October 20, 2011 | 5 Comments

Tyler, Tyler, Tyler…what have you created?

I’m at a loss for words as to where I should start. It’s not for lack of enthusiasm; it’s just…where do you start?

Before I get all meta, let me check out some other posts…


Ok. Start with a greeting…

Hello everyone. My name is Vito Delsante. I’m a writer…at least is says so on my website and on my business cards. I participated in the 30 Character Challenge last year and actually exceeded expectations and produced 35 characters in 30 days. Not too shabby, huh?

Oh! You might recognize my name…maybe, maybe not. I’m the maniac that gave all 35 characters away. Yep, I put them in the public domain using a Creative Commons license. It got a little bit of press, but honestly, who remembers what happened a year ago?

Here’s the thing; I actually took Tyler’s idea and multiplied it. Beginning on January 1, 2011, I actually started a 100 Characters Challenge. The idea was simple; I would continue the creating I started last year and try to create 100 characters by the end of the 2011 30 CC. Right now, as of this past Monday, I’m at 76, so I’m actually on pace to go OVER 100. And there are more public domain characters in that list too.

Ok…introduction over…a little bit about myself…what’s everyone else writing? Goals. Ok, goals for the 2011 Challenge.

Other than completing my own 100 character goal, I’m hoping to create some real lasting characters. It’s harder than it sounds. The thing I’m really trying to do is create mythology, because that’s what lasts. Star Wars, the Matrix and comics…all create a mythology that sticks in the brain. Can I do that? Don’t know, but it’s worth challenging myself over.

Some details – I can’t draw to save my life. Last year, I used Hero Machine, but there’s an odd caveat in their Terms of Service that prevents me from doing that again. This year, I’ll be using Eduardo Reis’ Hero-O-Matic. NOTE: No, I don’t know Portuguese. NOTE 2: Yes, it should be funny to see what I come up with.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. See you in November.


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I'm not exactly sure what I should put here, so here goes. I'm a writer, written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, AdHouse Books, and Simon & Schuster, among others and his stories have been reprinted in other countries. Mostly concentrating on creator owned work right now, so the challenge suits me just fine. I live in Queens (Astoria/LIC), NY with my wife, Michelle, and two dogs, Kasey and Kirby. I'm not sure what else needs to be said, but I'm sure I'll keep changing this. Oh, here's something. I contribute to the Project Rooftop site. The RetroFix column was kind of my idea, so I feel like that experience will help me out here.

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  1. Tyler James says:

    Hey Vito!

    Bummed I missed you at the show. Did get your biz card (awesome idea for a card, by the way!)

    Thanks for your help getting John into the event at Handleys. Kickstarted a killer NYCC weekend for him and the rest of us.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing you rock the challenge once again.


  2. The one time I saw you at your booth, I think you were doing a video interview. So I just opted out. I left Mulvey my cards, and by your reaction, I see you got them.

    Talk to you soon!

  3. I’ve seen your 100 Characters Challenge during the year, very impressive. I agree that creating “real lasting characters” is the true challenge sometimes. I think you’ve created a few of those already… I like the #63 Black Jaguar and #64 Captain Freedom.

  4. Jared Lewis says:

    Just wanted to say, that going public domain with the characters last year was really awesome. I saw that you had did that last year, but in the frenzy of the last week, don’t think I got a chance to say. Right on, man. Right on.

  5. @Ralph, thanks man! You should draw them up one of these days!
    @Jared, thanks! That means a lot!

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