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| October 23, 2011 | 2 Comments

That's me!! (well...sort of)

Hello everyone!! Eric White here having a go at my 3rd year of the 30 Characters challenge.  I have yet to make it through all 30 days but I’m determined to give THIS year my best effort yet.

Like any good comic book fan who has some aspirations to draw comics…I’ve created a million superhero beings in my life.  Instead of making 30 more of my style of characters (which are mostly superman & spiderman clones) I decided to try something different.  I took one of  my favorite games, Heroes Unlimited, and rolled up the 30 character types and the powers that accompany them.  No character details, history or drawings…just the type and powers.  I used all the rules provided by the book for character creation (beginning from what type of character to create all the way through the process).  ALL rolls were actual and true.

Here is the rolled information for the character which I will draw for Day 1.  If you’re familiar with the Heroes system or are a geek (which…lets be honest…if you’re reading this you probably are a geek) you’ll understand what all of that stuff means.

Power Category: Experiment – Chem & Rad – experiment that can not be replicated
Education Level: 3 years of college
# of Powers – 5 minor
Side Effect: Super Hairy
Experiment Sponsor: Military
Status with Sponsor: Allowed to leave peacefully

Extraordinary physical prowess
Heightened Sense of Taste
Energy Expulsion: Electrical Field
Flight: Glide
Heightened Sense of Smell

You may be asking…why did I do all of this work before hand? For one simple reason: I love role playing games and this whole character creation process and because of that I basically re-read the whole book. Once I decided to use this approach for character creation I knew it was going to take me forever. And I was right!! Rolling all 30 characters alone took me something like two weeks worth of evening to complete.  Every roll meant flipping pages and reading paragraph after paragraph…and I loved it! So much fun!!! Incidentally…if there are any people or groups in the Omaha area that are playing RPG and are looking for a new member…it would be kind of ok to let me know!)
So we’ll see what comes of all of this.  I’m looking forward to an exciting month of creativity.  I hope you’ll all follow along and have as much fun as I’m planning on having.
NOTE: this is a truncated version of my original introductory post.  I wrote a highly over worded (and very cathartic) post about my 30 characters experience to this point.  However, I decided that instead of subjecting 30 Characters to that hot mess I would post the wordy bits over on my site, www.geekywhiteguy.com, and just the most important stuff here.  More than likely I’ll be doing that through the entire month of 30 Characters.  The drawing and a little information on this site…and a FULL, bloviated post on my site.  With over 260 participants signed up for this challenge and hundreds of people viewing the site every day I don’t see and point in cluttering up this site with all my ramblings.  So if you want to read my full post…go see my site now.

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  1. Tyler James says:

    Let’s hope third time is the charm, E!

  2. JoeCook says:

    Dude. Good to see you back! I can’t wait to see these characters fleshed out from random dice rolls.

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