2011 Challenger: Noel Burns

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Noel BurnsGreetings all,

I am Noel Burns and this is my first year trying the 30 character challenge. I ended up here thanks to Comixtribe and Tyler’s work through there. At this time I claim to be a writer. At other times I was an artist, but I got old and realized I wouldn’t be able to do the level of work I wanted to without being able to spend more time working on my drawings. A wife, three kids, a job where I work 45 hours a week, a second job where I work 12+ hours a week and then I am also starting a comic publishing/printing company at the same time. I don’t have near the time I would need to be able to work to the level I wish to be.

Now I help others who have dreams of making comics. I teach classes in Iowa City on Introductions to Comic Creation and Life Drawing Classes. I do printing for many people who are making comics now, and now through my publishing company I am starting our first anthology called Journeymen. We are currently taking submissions through the end of November. If you are interested you can find out more at www.icgeeks.com/journeymen

I am looking forward to the 30 characters challenge as a means to flesh out some of the story ideas I have banging around in my head. I am also looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be working on.

I can be found at www.icgeeks.com


[email protected]


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  1. Eric White says:

    I feel like you and I are somehow kindred spirits. I also have the 45 hour a week job, the wife and kids, the part-time work and aspirations to make with the comics.


    Best of luck!

  2. Noel Burns says:

    Thanks Eric,
    I fear we are both going to need all the luck and what little spare time we can manage to get through November. Still it is the thrill of the Challenge that draws us.

    Good luck to you sir.

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