2011 Challenger: Omar Ramírez

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Hello, Everyone, My name, as stated above, Is Omar Ramírez. I’m a Graphic artist with a passion for visual storytelling, Animation and Character Design.

I’m also a passionate educator, I teach 3D art, Cartooning and Animation. Next year might be a great year for me in this regard (Let’s hope)

I’m an Open Source Software Advocate, a Creative Commons advocate and completely inlove with the independent creator lifestyle.

I was born and live in Mexico, I have a wife, 3 step kids and a 5 month old daughter. (You can see her in the photo.)  I have a little of a hard time balancing my extenuating professinoal life and my family life, but  I do my best.

I’m entering this challenge because, of everything I do, character design is the one thing I could keep on doing forever and ever, every single day of my life, and never stop loving it.

My project for this year’s challenge is 30 Pin-up girls, all of them with the common theme of “Urban Subcultures” I hope you guys will like them!

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the great work you all will come up with, Best of lucks to all of you!

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