2011 challenger: Seskimo

| October 28, 2011 | 2 Comments

My real name is Sarah though go by a variety of nick names, most commonly Sez or Seski.

I’m from the UK (born England, currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland) and my current occupation is the rather boring job of Secretary.

A friend and fellow 30 day artist pointed me toward this challenge (Thomas P. Leahy). This will be my first year doing this. I currently have a couple of other art projects on the go, including trying to get my own webcomic up and running by the new year and participating in the 2012 ‘sketchbook project‘. I like the challenge of doing a picture a day, though I often suffer from what I call ‘shiny object syndrome’ so there is a high chance that some days will be missed! But I’m hoping to keep on track!
I tend to use a range of media, but I am probably best with pencils. Despite this, I tend to use digital media the most at the moment and so there will probably be a lot of CG’d pieces from me.
Here’s to the fun doodle-filled month ahead!

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  1. tompl says:

    I think you’re my official wing lady for this one, though I am prodding Nicola towards taking part. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your characters!

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