2011 Challenger: Don Garvey

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Greetings!  My name is Don Garvey, and this is my first 30 Characters Challenge.  I’m the writer and colorist for the recently launched online graphic novel, Echo Rift.  I don’t consider myself an illustrator – but rather someone who doodles characters that I want to write (Mike Connelly, another 30 Character participant, handles the illustrations for Echo Rift, and impressively so, in my opinion).

I really want to work on simplifying my style, and experimenting with more of a “cartoony” approach to drawing.  As a result, I expect my drawing style to vary quite a bit from character to character.  I tend to use pencil and marker, and though I use my wacom for coloring, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of drawing with it.  I’ll probably do some experimentation there as well.

I’m be approaching the character creation portion of the challange in two very different ways.  Some portion of the characters I create will be inspired by my boys, aged 9 and 4, who promised to help me come up with characters.  The remaining portion will be characters that we may want to use in future Echo Rift story-lines.

You can find at the Echo Rift website, and on Twitter and Google+.

Some so far unused character designs for Echo Rift:


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Currently working with long time collaborator +Mike Connelly on the all-audiences comic book, ECHO RIFT. Writer and artist on the comic Manhunt, illustrator for numerous t-shirts and role-playing games, and co-writer on many screenplays including the feature film In Plain Sight.

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