2011 Challenger: Crystal M Rollins

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Hey there everybody!Jikoshia Chapter 1 coverMichelle flying over the City

My name’s Crystal Rollins, and I arrive at this challenge from the hazy cold winter of the American Northwest (well, really, it’s just here in Seattle that it’s hazy and riany…) I was introduced to the challenge by my awesome rival/partner/BFF Emily Gillis, who is also participating this year. Me and her both flopped horribly last year, so I’m hoping that having a specific new story in mind will give me better character-fodder than last year. My target is to create 30 new cahracters for “Elementalists” a story of wizards, politics, countries trying to avoid wars, and criminals trying to avoid being caught. I’m hoping to give it a little bit of a Discworld feel, and though I want to contain it to a single novel, the ideas for this setting haven’t stopped since the weird dream that originally gave me the idea for the story. I’ll explain a bit more about that as I introduce characters, since these will be mainly text entries, unlike my attempt last year.

I write and draw a webcomic called “Aspect” which you can read here: http://aspect.jikoshia.net  and I’m doing the coloring and cover artwork for Jikoshia, which you can read here: http://jikoshia.net

I’d show you a picture of myself, but apparently I’ve got nothing more recent than 5 years ago, when I got married. Being the only camera-fiend around here means I don’t end up with many pictures of myself. Oh well!

Here’s some samples of my artwork (you can see more at my DeviantArt account, here: http://plotholetsi.deviantart.com/ )

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