2011 Challenger: Kasey Rubenstein

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

This is me on a good day.

If there was an alarm in this challenge for newbies, I would probably set it off.

My name’s Kasey, I’m a fresh out of college film major harboring an intense obsession with stories and characters, especially those of the fantasy or superhero variety. Characters mill about in my head like free range chicken whether I like it or not, so when I saw all of the other talented, like-minded people participating in this month-long story-inducing extravaganza I figured “Well, why the hell not.”

I hope to thrill you all with an effort that involves little to no drawing… Although I am sorely tempted, my pitiful attempts at art often leave me with a deep depression that is the opposite of productive. Maybe I’ll do outfits. Maybe. Otherwise I’ll just stick with words.

Good luck to everyone in the month ahead!

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