2011 Challenger: Zachary Turnipseed

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hi! I’m Zack, otherwise known as Anderjak.

As my profile states, I’m a recent graduate at UTD, moving on to either enter preproduction in storyboarding or character design, OR put out my very own small number of various comic book projects.

I’ve tried a few of these challenges and, for one reason or another, responsibilities always get in the way. Blame it on bad timing or unfortunate circumstance — or just plain laziness at times, if you’d like — but I’m always kicking myself for never finishing.

I’d like to finally get through one this year. This one APPEARS to be manageable, provided ideas come with some ease, but we’ll just see. Here’s to hoping.

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I'm a recent graduate of the Arts & Technology program at UT Dallas. I'm hoping to go on to either become a preproduction artist with a focus in character design and storyboarding in game production and animation, or run my own independent comic series.

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