2011 New Challenger: RandomSyhn

| October 30, 2011 | 2 Comments

  Hey world! My name is Jaclyn and when I’m not zombified I’m either doing schoolwork or drawing. (maybe possibly watching movies and TV too) I’m a fourth year human Kinetics student who hopes to become an art student after graduation. I love coming up with character concepts so I feel like this challenge is definitly for me.

I joined this challenge mostly to be honest to get some more exposure for my work, also of course to hopefully improve in leaps and bounds. I’m really excited for this challenge as well as to see what everyone else comes up with.


My dA is here where more works in progress and sketches can be found on my tumblr here which is actually what brought me here.

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Currently a student in a 3D animation and visual effects program.

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  1. abortedSlunk says:

    Hey wow I’ve actually seen you around on dA! Probably from one of the OCTs you entered. I was in The Cure, Ebon Spire and Escape From Nevara, and I remember your name and art coming up!

    • RandomSyhn says:

      Yeah! guess I’m not as unknown as I first thought, too bad I couldn’t get my stuff together to make decent enough entries to get into any of those. If I do recall you had some pretty awesome animations going on.

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