2011 Challenger: Drew Green

| October 31, 2011 | 2 Comments

Hey folks!


My name is Drew Green and I’m an Atlanta-based illustrator and comic artist.  You can see most of my work at my tumblr or my Deviantart, but you can also read my (relatively new) webcomic, The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston.


I heard about the 30 Characters challenge last year listening to a podcast, but was reminded about it again from a friend on Tumblr.  I was able to join it at the very last minute and I’m super pumped!  I want to take this opportunity to make some new characters for my current running comic, but I suspect that most of the focus will be put on another idea I’ve been kicking around, an action/horror comic called “Charlie Chainsaw Has a Dream.”  It will be interesting to challenge myself to come up with a brand new character related to this idea each and every day of November, but I suspect it will be loads of fun.


I look forward to contributing and I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with, as well!



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Hey folks! My name is Drew Green and I'm an Atlanta-based comic artist/illustrator. I'm responsible for the webcomic "The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston," which can be found at http://supergayadventures.com and is all-ages (I promise). You may have also seen my work in Udon's "Mega Man Tribute" art book, as well as "The Pepper Project" art book. I'm super excited to do this 30 Characters challenge! Sounds like a lot of fun. ~Drew

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  1. hamishmash says:

    Hey Drew! It’s Hamish! Hoping this contest will really help me become better. Look forward to seein’ all your stuff. 🙂

  2. Lime says:

    I am really excited to see your creations. I love your comic. <3 It is super adorable.

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