2011 Challenger: Lisa Robinson

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Hello! My name is Lisa, born in Iowa, attending college in Kansas City, Missouri, and this challenge looks like a lot of fun!

I’m currently a freshman in art college, just halfway into my first semester. I intend to study animation, so this is a great opportunity to practice some character creation. I’ve always loved creating ’em! I also love comics as a format, though sadly I never really have the time or resources to look into the professional ones, so I’m a big webcomic fan. I have some plans for my own comic in the works, but I’m really slow at it, plus my time’s always being eaten up by other things.

I’m really big on colored pencils and ink, and digital media. Due to time, I’ll mostly be exploring concepts rather than polished works. So, a digital sketch or so, like this little quickie of me to the left, and maybe a bit of writing to explain the story or concept. I try really hard to give an idea or purpose to each character I create!

I hope to take on a whole variety of genres, and hope that I can expand my own imagination as well as the worlds I’ve already built. I also need to work on this problem I have of keeping the characters in my head, rather than getting them written or drawn out. Hopefully I can follow through!

You can find my artwork on my deviantArt gallery.

Good day, and good luck to everyone else entering!

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