2011 Challenger: Natalia Małachowska (Ozzie Scribbler)

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Ozzie ScribblerGreetings and welcome from Poland! My first time participating here, so…

My name is Natalia MaÅ‚achowska, but you can call me by my all-time Internet nickname Ozzie Scribbler (or Ozzie, for short). I’m 21 years old graphic design student at Szczecin’s Arts Academy, but although being an artist-in-training I’m far from considering myself a professional. I’m taking this challenge mainly to learn keeping my focus and practice my creativity.

As a huge cartoon and comic geek I always have been fascinated most with character design and this is what I consider my biggest strength at drawing. I specialise at loose sketches and hand-made inking. Maybe, but only maybe I’ll try to practice some color work later this month, but considering how uncertain I feel about my coloring I can’t promise that. Knowing my interest the characters I’ll create for the challenge will end up being random fantasy humanoids, cute deformed animals and/or chibis. Some of them may end up in the webcomic I’m currently planning to make…

Don’t forget to check out my deviantArt page

Good luck, everyone!

Sincerely yours,

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