An Eagerness Most Genuine

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Greetings fellow creationers, I am beyond excited to be joining all 787 of you in this 30-day slow-cook of ingenuity and imagination.

A Little About Myself: My personal art style could best be described as a neo-classical interpretation of the traditional 3rd grader impressionism: my forte is radioactive human-animal hybrids in tattered clothing (as if they had just recently transformed from man to beast at the expense of their flat-front Dockers and Ralph Loren polos…yikes!).

Please do not judge me harshly, but if you must (and I understand if you cannot resist), please take a cue from my family and closest friends and do it behind my back.  Thanks, and I look forward to working alongside all of you!

Just draw baby!

Love Always,

John (aka johnomatopoeia…Ka-BOOM!)

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My father was a surely sea captain, my mother was an Atlantean Princess: their love was forbidden and I was bred from their sin. I have spent my life battling the demons of my parents’ indiscretion, but with grit and determination I have proven myself worthy to take my rightful place on the throne of Atlantis. As the might-sovereign lord of all sub-aquatic existence my number one priority is the preservation of my kingdom. Though I have a host of undersea adversaries, the threat they pose is truly minimal compared to the capabilities of my one true enemy, the Human Race. Their lust for dominance has too often threatened the sanctity of my empire, and I shall not wait a second longer for their inevitable attack. Instead, with the armies of Atlantis and all able bodied creatures in my domain, I shall take the war to the surface-dwellers. We will ravage the shores of man-kind with crushing waves of sea-water and power; no human is innocent and so no human shall escape my imperial judgment. All air-sucking life will suffer by my decree! IMPERIOUS REX!

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