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Tyler Lawrence owns a small comic book shop in New England, a solid business with a strong fanbase to support it. Wednesdays are Tyler’s favorite day of the week, as it’s new comics day, the day when he gets to interact with all of his shop’s regulars.
Everything is well in Tyler’s corner of the world until the day he buys a collection from a strange, wizened old man. The man has an amazing near-mint collection of golden and silver age comics, and he’s willing to part with it for small return. Tyler is skeptical that the collection is stolen, but the man assures him the books are his own, originals bought off the shelf. The only hitch is that along with the collection, Tyler has to agree to take an ornate, golden ring off his hands as well.
Believing he’s landed the mother load of collections, Tyler makes the purchase, and accepts the ring that goes with it.
Almost immediately upon donning the ring, Tyler discovers something is amiss.
When a customer tries shoplifting some of the collection, Tyler starts to give chase and realizes he’s suddenly gained a form of super-speed. He apprehends the shoplifter immediately, and is shocked to hear a voice from the ring inform him that he is now able to access super-powers, like those of his favorite comic characters, but only for 30 minutes at a time, and only one at a time.
Tyler is overjoyed, thinking he’s received a fanboy’s wish come true – the ability to mimic the heroes he’s been reading about all his life.
But the old man neglected to tell Tyler one very important fact – every time he accesses the powers for his 30 minute stints, he cuts his life shorter by the same amount of time.
Is Tyler prepared for the curse of 30?


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