#1 Ailís

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

My newest character and first submission for the 30 character challenge, Ailís! She is one of the main characters for a story I have playing around in my head, with a ton of faeries and monsters and shit in it. I think I’ll let it develop further.

Ailís is a type of monster who can pull away her skin, and have it instantly form back to the way it was. Also, she has skin covering her eyes. She can pull back the skin on her eyes, and when she does so she is able to see a person as their metaphysical self, what they’re worth, their emotions, their values, everything that makes them them. She is, of course, sightless when the skin is over her eyes. Also she only has one arm and tentacle legs.

(This is my first submission ever for something like this so uh hey guys!)

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