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I’m still clueless about photoshop, so I just drew it on paper, scanned it to the computer, and copied it to the format.

Okay so, this is part of a concept based on the Ars Goetia, a book detailing how to summon 72 different demons. In this story, however, the demons are actually sealed in the book and they escape. 4 of the demons want to rangle up the others so they can get back to heaven. The rest, however, pretty much want to be free an do whatever they want (which is bad because they’re evil).

Astaroth is one of the demons, as you could probably guess. Although the book says it’s male, I made it female since the name “astaroth” is derived from Ishtar, a female deity (the star on the headdress is one of her symbols).

ANNNNYWAY, Astaroth is one of the Five kings of the cardinal directions. However, she’s actually the center of the compass, and thus the leader of the others (North, South, East, and West, of course). The element she controls is earth, and she can also turn her fingers into thorns and spikes and all that. Her and the other kings are working towards some sort of evil, as of yet undecided, plot (possibly releasing the devil or something. Not sure yet…).

She’s more or less pure evil, and is utterly emotionless (atl east she tries to be; she is actually filled with hatred, but pointing out how flawed she is will just make her destroy you). Don’t worry, though; the other kings have actually personalities, but they’re pretty terrified of her despite their own power. She’s pretty much a psycho killing doll, but is the cold, calculating kind of psycho. She was one of the main instegators during the rebllion that got all the demons banished in the first place, since she thought the humans didn’t deserve free will or life in general.

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