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Adult services librarian. Clevelandite. Bookworm. General good citizen.


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Name: Corazon “Cora” Martin.

Age:  26.

Appearance: average height (5’7ish), stocky build. Of mixed descent (Brazilian mother, “white” American father). Curly dark hair, medium skin tone, dark eyes. Occasional glasses-wearer. Not exactly a flashy dresser.

Personal: Cora’s personal brand of magic is chaos magic–what works for her doesn’t necessarily work for others. She uses sigils to conjure her characters, a process which is energy-intensive and is beginning to leave lasting marks. She’s been working in libraries since she was a teenager and loves her job; she’s rather short of temper with everyone except patrons. A tea connoisseur. Preferred reading includes feminist science fiction, books about food, comics, and detective novels. She did her master’s work (in English literature and library science) at Kent State.

Overview: Cora Martin had been a member of a coven of eclectic magicians for almost two years when she discovered, quite by accident, a very specific power: she could conjure characters from Shakespeare, Poe, and Charlaine Harris out of thin air. It didn’t take long for the group dynamic to shift so far out of balance that Cora began to fear her fellow practitioners. She left the group (as well as an unbalanced boyfriend), went solitary, and quietly began using her power against thugs, thieves, and other criminal types on the mean streets of the Cleve. One year later: Cora’s tentatively navigating a budding relationship, trying to keep her library system from being privatized, and–wait, who’s the new shapeshifter in town??

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