#1: Eira

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments


Eira is a snow spirit that lives in the woods of a small village.  She glows as she walks through the woods on winter nights.  Villagers who have seen this glow have gone missing after following it into the depths of the woods. Many villagers blame Eira, saying that she is a demon and that she lures unsuspecting villagers in for her next feast. Though none of the villagers know what she truly is.

Eira has no intentions of harming any humans. She usually tries to keep out of sight. The villagers who lost themselves in the woods have done so on their own accord. At least this is what she tells herself.

Category: 2011, Fantasy

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I'm just a freshman at the School of Visual Arts majoring in cartooning. I enjoy reading webcomics, playing video games, and goofing off on the computer.

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  1. DeboraFM says:

    The pink was such a nice add. Great job~

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