# 1 – James Durran

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#1 – James Durran

Like I said in my introduction I can’t draw very well so I will try to do some short prose. Please let me know what you think, even if it’s not positive. I want to get better and if I’m doing some wrong, I would like to know.


Height: 5’10
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel


A flash of lightning illuminates the windows of a police car off the side of a rural Kentucky highway. A young man, no more than 26 years old, shovels french fries into his mouth. Pausing to take a slurp from a vanilla milkshake the man winces and put his left hand up to his temple, massaging it slowly he lets out a sigh. The resounding boom of the thunder rumbles over the landscape causing the man to glance up slightly as if he can see the sound waves.

‘Well shit, looks like rain,’ the man breathes out, rolling his leftover wrappers up into a ball. With a slight shift he tosses the ball into the empty fast food bag .

Suddenly a very odd looking car streaks by his cruiser causing him to jerk back slightly. Almost as if it was within one motion he jerks his right arm out to throw the squad car into drive and pushes the accelerator to the floor. Dirt, rocks and mud spew out from behind the cruiser as it rockets onto the highway and off in the direction of the vehicle. Minutes pass but the officer notices that he’s barely bridging the gap between the two. With a ‘Tch’ sound he tries to push more out of the engine with little success. Another flash of lightning brightens the cab as he reaches out with his right hand to grab the radio. Shortly after there’s another flash, then another followed by one more except the familiar sound of thunder never comes.

‘Never seen lightnin do that before,’ he muses curiously as he begins to radio in the speeding car.

‘Dispatch this is Cadet 01987, I’ve got a 505A on route 119. Requesting backup, over.’

‘Officer 01492 will respond,’ the radio crackles with the response.

Throughout this the lightning seems to continue, getting more rapid. The cadet blinks a few times, scrunching his face up in annoyance and just like that everything goes white. Slowly the light begins to recede and color begins to return to his sight.

‘What the…hell?’

As the image before him sharpens from blurry to crisp he blinks a few times in shock. Exotic fauna, strange sounds and an odd sound surround the young man as he slowly pulls himself out of the vehicle. A sharp screech from above catches his attention, jerking his head upwards his eyes widen in shock.

‘Dear god in heaven I’m either dead or that’s a friggin pterodactyl.’

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