#1 – Kid Lightning & Poppa Thunder

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

And so it begins…

As I stated in my introductory post, I will be only posting redrawn images of characters I created in my youth or characters that I create with my 4-year old son.

To start things off, I proudly present, “KID LIGHTNING” and “POPPA THUNDER.”

Costumes are a big deal in my house.  My wife is a professional costume designer and can whip up a costume for a kid faster than you can even think of one.  So, we’re always coming up with great ideas for playtime costumes and especially Halloween.

The kid always has input and this year he essentially designed his own costume.  he traced his fingers on a piece of paper for “lazer gloves” and traced his swimming goggles for a superhero mask.  he colored everything orange and tried to draw thnderbolts like one of his favorite characters, The Flash.  I stepped in and he guided me through some drafts of drawing what would become Kid Lightning until he was pleased.  We passed it off to Mom who created a costume that he could wear as a Halloween get-up but also a year-round zip up fleece.  Awesome.

BUT…Kid Lightning wanted “helpers” so he came up with the name “Poppa Thunder” and the rest is very recent history.  And yes, the bottom image was taken just before Kid Lightning and Poppa Thunder headed off into the wild neighborhood in search of free candy from neighbors.


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Teacher, Playwright, Performer & Superhero Enthusiast. My first crayon drawings were of Superman and Captain America. I always wanted to draw comics but never followed that passion beyond some self-published zines and forays into early internet comics. I've worked in various aspects of graphic design and fooled around with a spray can at various stages of my life, keeping my pen busy and full of various inspirations for the doodles in the margins of my notebooks. Inheriting an iPad changed my productivity with the ability to draw, edit, color and post onto the internet via one device in the limited time I have to mess around with my doodles and drawings. My 5-year-old son is my biggest fan and the main reason for my artistic renaissance. He's the reason I'm drawing more often and the person I draw the most for. For the 30 CHARACTERS challenge this year, he is my co-conspirator and collaborator. His excitement and innocent love of superheroes and drawing has kept my inner cynic/critic at bay and we are having a blast this year making up a whole new universe of heroes, robots and monsters for the internet. -updated Oct. 2012

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  1. NICE! Life imitates art in an awesome way! Or is this art imitating life? Either way, this is really freaking awesome 😀

    • beausephus says:

      Thanks for checking this out. In our house art and life are exactly the same thing and it keeps things interesting. Thanks for the kind words. I hope to post some of the other pen and ink/marker and crayon creations that my wife transformed into real costumes for our son. Thanks again!

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