#1 – Mama Scarfonie

| November 1, 2011 | 3 Comments

The first in a set of characters I am working up, based on a very silly web comic idea I had awhile back.

Mama Scarfonie is the tough, fashion backward, ruling matriarch of the Scarfonie crime family.  She is the proud mother of 12 felons, has not seen her waist since 1977, been married 5 times and divorced 1.  As well as money, she still launders her son’s clothing.  She firmly believes that starch is the most essential food group.  She ate Snooki for breakfast.

(still trying to find a more original font for this set. 😉 )


Category: 2011, Drama, Humor

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  1. DeboraFM says:


    Aw haha I don’t know if she’d ever like me BUT I LOVE HER. I can even hear her talking with a low, raspy voice. That’s how much you were able to flesh her out for me.

  2. MikeDubisch says:


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