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| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

You’ve never starved. Never fought desperately to pry a half-eaten Cheeto from a shag rug. Never choked down a rotten hunk of potato, just to fill your gnawing hunger. Never felt your heart burst with joy at the sight of a baby carrot.

So, yeah. I went for the cheese. Are you kidding? From the second I entered the room it consumed me. It shut down my brain and rattled my bones. Made my fur stand on end. Filled me with lust. And as the metal bar came crashing down, as it tore my skin and shattered my spine, all I could think is, one taste, one taste and it will all be worth it, let me have just—




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  1. PaulAllor says:

    My work generally requires an incubation period before it can grow on me (or before it doesn’t grow on me, and I axe it). So I can already tell the toughest part of this is going to be writing a character sketch, and then immediately putting it out in the world, while I still really, really hate it!

  2. jediknite says:

    That’s the conversation just about all of us have had with our pets. Two paws up!

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