#1 – Rando

| November 1, 2011 | 3 Comments

Standing at only 5 cm tall, Rando is really short, even for a Doodze.  He tries to make up for it by wearing sandal-pants with really thick soles, but he’s not fooling anyone.  Along with his brothers, Daynick and Doynick (who we’ll meet later this week) Rando is a follower of the as-yet-unnamed evil boss. While Rando puts up a front of extreme loyalty, in truth he is hiding his own agenda. His thirst for power leads him to lord it over his younger, stupider brothers, and he secretly has ambitions of taking their evil leader’s place one day.  Only time will tell if he’s smart enough to pull it off…



Category: 2011, Fantasy, Humor

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  1. Nycteris says:

    The Amazing Rando! (MST3K reference.. anyone… anyone?)

    I love your inking. Do you use a brush?
    Eh probably everyone is digital but me.

  2. He certainly looks like he could be an evil leader once he deposes his boss.

  3. Robin White says:

    Ah… I didn’t even intent the MST3K reference… it’s been too long. I hope the name is the only thing that’s similar.

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