#1 Sigurd Stahl: Demolition

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Sigurd Stahl - Demolition



Real Name: Sigurd Stahl
Height: 6’8”
Weight: 380 lbs
Country of origin: Norway

Sigurd Stahl was living the dream.

Being an accomplished musician in his home country of Norway has gotten him everything he would ever want. Money, fame, women…he had it all.

One fateful night, an alien spacecraft crashed into his band’s tour bus, killing his band-mates. He attempted to escape the wreck, but was subsequently trapped by the aliens. Thinking that he would meet his end, Stahl fought them. One of the interlopers shot him with an energy beam meant to kill…but the alien didn’t realize that the human’s physiology would react to his weapon differently.

The blast transformed the musician into an unstoppable force of destruction, granting him invulnerability and increased strength. Stahl re-fashioned the costume he wore as he performed, and dubbed himself Demolition. A one man wrecking crew.

Copyright Pat Loika, 2011.

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My name is Pat Loika. I'm a writer, an illustrator and a podcaster. I've been creating comics for the past 6 years, with stories published through Image Comics and other publishers. #30characters intrigued me when I first heard about it, but I was deep in deadlines and I didn't have the time to participate. This year is different, though, and I finally decided to sign up! Good luck to everyone participating!

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