#1 Sister Snipe

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

Sister Suzan Napier – AKA Sister Snipe – is one of many covert operatives working for the Vatican. Part of a special armed branch of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (The Inquisition, no less), she’s deployed only under extraordinary circumstances for missions that usually involve enoucounter with violent supernatural resistance.

Whether it’s a pesky gargoyle lurking around a cathedral, werewolves stalking the parishioners or a possession case where a good old exorcism just won’t do, Sister Snipe takes position on a rooftop, ready to do the good work of the Lord with her high-power rifle and her prayers.


DRAWING NOTES: Gah! Look at that hand holding the rifle. And the other one isn’t much better. I gotta take more care in drawing those next time. However, I must say the brush pen is a real charm to work with. Never used one before…

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  1. Kasey Rubenstein says:

    Nothing like a nun with a high-powered gun. (See what I did there? Catch phrase!)

    She reminds me of this bit in Nextwave where they were fighting these random teams of themed villains– one team was Vatican themed. Might want to look into it! Nextwave is a great, short series anyway if you’re looking for laughs.

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