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Here we go.

This young lady is  Somnia, a character I had in mind since last years challange when Samar created his         Marginal Men
(They can be found here: http://www.30characters.com/2010/11/01/1-blindsight/ )

Somnia belongs to a resistance group and has never known anything else but the war and its cruelity. In her team she takes care about everybody and is responsible for the first aid. But her most important duty is to check everyone who wants to join the group, because she is able to know about a persons motivation and dreams just by touching the person. So its very easy for her to consider wether somebody is honest and trustworthy or not. But even this is a very important power Somnia is not happy about this, because she feels guilty for spying into somebodys mind. She also would prefer to get to know people in a “normal” way than being biased from the very first moment.

Somnia is someone you can rely on and she admires other people for their dreams. Being asked about her dreams she always answers: “They were shattered a long time ago.” For her friends she will do everything to make their dreams come true.

Her name comes from the latin word “somnium” and means “(day)dreams”


I think I will redo this drawing soon, because I’m not so happy about it. Well, lets see tomorrow

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