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Talis the Cythid
Talis the Cythid

Talis is one of a fantasy race known as Cythids. It might help to think of them as blue elves with huge, three-finger claw hands and two giant poofy tails that they ordinarily hide from view due to social taboos.

Talis is a monk. Or anyway, he was. During his time training at a monestary, he came across a strange striped animal in the woods. It was clearly injured, and being a monk, he brought it back to the monestary to care for it. Unluckily for Talis, the creature turned out to be one a Pooka – sentient troublemakers who like handing out social awkward curses. The Pooka cursed Talis to always speak lies for no real good reason.

Obviously Talis had to leave the monestary after bringing so much shame on himself, so he took up a variety of bit jobs (including newspaper reporter) and chain smoking. He wears his tails on the outside of his clothing as a sign to the rest of the Cythids that he’s screwed up awful bad. He’s also single, probably as a result of the compulsive lying.


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  1. I’m curious how they keep their poofy tails hidden.

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