#1 The Mother.

| November 1, 2011 | 5 Comments

Based upon a character that my friend Jacob Ruby created in one of his stories: he generously gave me permission to use her for inspiration. 

The Mother, constantly springing forth tumor-like progeny from the very flesh of her body.


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  1. Michael Perridge says:

    That’s very interesting. Tell me more …

    • galen dara says:

      it is, isn’t it??!

      this drawn version is actually quite a bit different from how Jacob originally wrote her. I’ll see if I can get him to come and describe her at greater length.

  2. Jacob Ruby says:

    This is from an unpublished story of mine – though I’m hoping it gets picked up (currently waiting to hear back from the anthology). Mother here is a woman with a strange mutation – anything that falls from her comes with its own life: from flakes of skin to full-term tumors, she is her own (twisted) garden of eden.

    The story itself is told from the point of view of Mother’s very first growth, Cassie, a seemingly normal thirteen year old girl who is in fact only six years old and is the one that actually takes care of the brood – her younger siblings of sorts.

    I think of Galen’s interpretation as perhaps Mother’s early years, before the ravages of her affliction has really taken hold. 🙂

    I should also say that I’m extremely flattered to have this as Galen’s first character.

  3. Michael Perridge says:

    Rare to see such a strong original image alongside an actual idea with potential. Congrats.

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