#1 Valentine Mora

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Val tries to consider himself a fairly normal guy, but he knows enough to understand that he really isn’t. He reads a lot – no, seriously, a lot – and even volunteers at the library to have easier access to new books to read. Sports don’t really interest him much, he likes run-of-the-mill food, and he’d much rather run his fingers through his hair once in the morning than touch a jar of styling gel. People tend to assume he’s a hipster from the scarves he wears about his neck, but he really just wears them to cover up the bite marks from his roommate.

When the cruel fate of college stuck Val with his jock roomie Trent, he had no idea how he was going to get through even a single semester with his sanity still intact. But a freak situation ended up with Trent turning into a vampire, and Val was open-minded – and well-read – enough to be willing to put up with it. He even let Trent feed from him instead of going off to attack random citizens, much to Trent’s continued amazement. The two stayed roomies – and eventually friends – all through college and beyond, where they now share a run-down two-bedroom apartment just outside the city limits.

Val knows full well that people consider him a doormat, but he’s really just happy to help. He has his reasons for helping Trent, and uses his connections at the library to bring in books so he can read more about his roommate’s condition. He’s even learned a small bit of magic, in the hopes that maybe one day he can restore Trent back to full humanity. Until then, he’s more than happy to stay quiet and reclusive, working an administrative day job at a local temp agency to pay the bills while he focuses on his studies.

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