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This is Ivy. She is a fairly happy (if a little quiet) young girl, who is currently a student as indicated by the markings on her face. These markings are compulsory in her country, and display the occupation of the wearer. She always has a stash of lollipops on her somewhere and she often wears her blue monster hoodie, which she named Mr. Snugs.


Unbeknownst to Ivy, an accident in charming class led to Mr. Snugs being possessed. Whenever she puts up her hood, Mr. Snugs takes over and controls her like shes a somewhat clumsy puppet. Ivy is completely unaware of any of this happening, and wakes up sometime later with gaps in her memory.

Click the picture for an extra image of her being possessed! (It wouldn’t fit within the frame).



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I'm a novice comic artist who is also studying graphic design. Not that interesting, really.

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  1. Michael Perridge says:

    Solid skills and a nice idea.

  2. Nice! I love the teeth around the hood. That makes the creepy effect all the better.

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