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NO SWEETS FOR SANTA is a Christmas Children’s book where Santa swears off sweets as he delivers presents on Christmas Eve. He progressively gets hungrier at each stop until he finds a special house that leaves him pizza instead of cookies.

Written by John Graham and featuring the artwork of Mark Mariano, the book is available in both hardback and paperback editions.  Beyond the story, both editions have a companion song, pizza recipe, and how the art has evolved through the years.  The hardback edition contains even more “presents” for you to enjoy.  The book is 8X8 and in full color.

I created this story ten years ago to support our family tradition of making homemade pizza on Christmas Eve and then leaving Santa a slice or two instead of cookies. Each year that passed, the story grew, and from the original one-page story came a book, a song, and special pizza recipes we’ve been able to share.

  • Hardback Edition $16.00 (tax included) 40 pages with story, pizza recipe, cooking instructions, song, art evolution,          character sketches, traditions background, and special artists bio.
  • Paperback Edition $9.00 (tax included) 36 pages with story, pizza recipe and instructions, song, and art evolution.
  • Special Promotion of Free Shipping through Christmas!


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