Day 1: Eira

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This is Eira!  Or at least I think that’s her name.  Eira is a malevolent and animalistic spirit that eats the soul of anything she can get her face on.

Not much is known about her other than she lives in a cave, terrorizes a town, and that she has been around for well over a century.  Once she has devoured a soul, the person is a mere husk of a creature.  Some have even killed her victims to save them the life without a soul.
It is possible to retrieve a soul after she has consumed it, but it required significantly high magical/spiritual skill and the reflexes to avoid her leech-like mouth.  Eira is not particularly intelligent, but she is capable of outsmarting her prey the same way a predatory animal would in the wild.

If you are unfortunate enough to wander into her territory or to be in her way on the rare occasions that she ventures out, there is a way to avoid her.  If you hear the sounds of a woman crying or moaning in pain, get away as fast as possible.  Run, hide, whatever you do, if she screams it will be the last thing you are conscious of hearing.  If you do see her, have some assurance that her arms are restrained.  When they are not, there is no hope.

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  1. grumperpants says:

    I’m really loving the belts binding her arms down.

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