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| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

So this is our first character! Super exciting! Before we get started with the bio, I thought it would be worth mentioning that this character exists in a sort of final fantasy-esq old time world, very much a farming town surrounded by deserts and mountains.


Jack is what one might call a “Big Kid”. He is 23 but he never really grew up. After leaving high-school he wasn’t sure what he should pursue as a career. After putting some thought to his future, he set himself up a small business as a Jack of all Trades (haha) for his local village; he will give anything a go in hopes of finding a job that sticks and therefore deciding his future for him.

He tends to be rather childish despite his aptitude for most everything he tries. His jobs can vary from “rescue my cat from that tree” to “save my daughter from the forest witch”. He has experienced more in his short life than many have in their entire time on the earth but he still manages to laugh at childish things and bunk off work to go adventuring.




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We (Josh and Maha) are a pair of design students from New Zealand who love making things up. We decided to try the 30 characters challenge as a team because we often create characters and stories together and this seemed like a good reason to put them on the internet! I (Josh) am the writer of the team and will be creating the character profiles and controlling our uploads while Maha will be drawing all our characters up!

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  1. So does he beat a lot of witches up? I bet there’s a good career in that.

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