Rich Douek – Character #1 – Whispers

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Nobody knows exactly when Whispers took over the Renato Brothers funeral home. All anyone knows is that one day, he was just there, overseeing every step of the process, from embalming the bodies to putting them in the ground. His unsettling presence has spawned the rumor he is not a man at all, but some spirit or nightmare bound up inside an old man’s flesh. One might think this would be detrimental to his business, but the value of an undertaker that asks no questions, and speaks nothing to anyone is not lost on the various gang lords and criminals of Dockside.

He is utterly silent, known only by the light tapping of his cane on the cobblestones, and the curious rattle of the bag he keeps at his belt – rumored to contain the knucklebones of the unfortunates delivered into his care. When he wants to be heard, he gives the bag a gentle shake, and the air is filled with a thousand half-heard voices, whispering on the wind to make the will of their master known.

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