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This is Scott Rivers! He’s a 16 year old magical boy with the ability to control demons, and is the best friend of the main protagonist (who I have not drawn yet oops).

There’s a little more stuff under the cut which is about the story and junk yeahh

(btw if I’m doing something wrong with the upload rules/SOMETHING ELSE, please tell me!!!)

The setting of the story he’s in takes place in the US OF AAAAAaaa in a freaky futuristic setting where demons/witches/ghouls/SPOOKY STUFF exist;  Magical Girls/Boys are in charge of keeping control of these baddies because no one else really can. The magical people  are in a “pact” sort of deal with this certain lady, but it only lasts for a set period of time (5-10 years usually).  For instance, if someone became a magical boy/girl at 14 and a pact lasted 5 years, they are obliged to take the duties of a magical girl/boy until they’re 19.  However, the amount of time they stay like that determines their life expectancy.  If someone makes a pact for 5 or 10 years, their death of their bodies will be earlier by 5 or 10 years (unless they pass away in an accident/otherwise before then).

Most magical girls/boys are between 13 and 20, but it’s rare for them to exceed that age.

Alright that was confusing I’ll stop

Basically, Scott’s a good guy in the story, but he can be a big jerk sometimes! There’s a few other guys in this story whose designs aren’t ~*~in place~*~ yet, but I’ll get around to posting about them on my art blog.

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  1. Huh, so the world is going to be protected by a group of magically-empowered teenagers? 🙂

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