#1 – Thomasine

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Thomasine is the wife of Cline Vanders, also known as Wealth.  He’s a sorcerer who was promoted to the office of God of Wealth, and although he loves his job and can be a pretty nasty guy (and is over 900 years old), he is head over heels in love with Thomasine, his soul mate.

In the 16th century, before he met her, she was known as the most beautiful woman in a wizarding town near Essex, England.  An evil sorcerer fell madly in love with her and when she refused him he cursed her by turning her into a statue.  He made a magical necklace that would transform her back into a woman for three days once a year.  Thomasine’s family eventually discovered what he had done with her and they killed him in revenge.  Before they could kill him he hid the magic necklace in a far corner of the world, forcing her to stay a stone statue for centuries.

Eventually Cline acquired the statue, not knowing the story behind it, but became so entranced by the statue’s beauty that he searched to find the woman she was modeled from.  His search lead him to discover the truth and once he learned about the necklace he used all his power to find it.  Once found he brought her to life for the first time in 300 years, and they fell in love.  In the end they were married, but can only be together for three days a year.

They wanted to have children, but it was impossible until modern technology became advanced enough to use a surrogate.  After two hundred years of married life they finally had a daughter.  Cline continues to search for a way to break the curse, but the sorcerer took the secret to his grave.



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