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A recent re-design of a character with a relatively long history. Wren exists in a dystopian future where the known universe has devolved into a galaxy-spanning conflict between two sentient artificial intelligence’s. Conventional warfare is so old as to be lost to time, as ‘combat’ exists only in the form of relativistic kill vehicles sent to wipe out entire planets. The only form of defense is for each side to constantly modify the orbit of key planets to dodge incoming RKVs, but the AI still have a very rudimentary form of intelligence, and are unable to come up with completely random number generator algorithms. So each side keeps caches of sentient biological creatures, among them humans, with the sole purpose of constantly creating new random numbers.

Wren is a caretaker robot, tasked with both keeping security and tending to the needs of humans of it’s installation. It takes it’s name from a young girl who interprets the scattered pixels of it’s serial number as that of a bird. Wren is mostly devoid of personality, subject to it’s orders – but with every generation of robot created small changes are made to increase the AI’s efficiency and ability to deal with increasingly complex circumstances. That is, they evolve, and Wren could very easily be the first robot to start doing more than just what he’s ordered to.









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  1. Brainvomit says:

    Gah, I looove robots! Particularly like your take on the face-area. Very different and sleek!

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