#1 Captain Zohar

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Captain Zohar

Age: last known 234yo
Place of Origin: Aidni
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: unknown
Eye color: Amber

Zohar’s life started out in the poor village of Tamrhak in  the country of Aidni. At the age of 6, his father was killed by rouge Imperial guards that had turned to piracy. As an orphan, Zohar turned to stealing to survive but before that he was abducted into a Military camp for kids. While escaping the government camp for orphan children, one of the kids that was close to him was killed for stealing food by one of the imperial guards, and before he could get away while trying to help his dying friend, the guard that killed his friend gave him a scar on his right eye because he could not be caught.  At the age of 16 he became a pirate  in hopes to avenge his family’s death. Now he Sails the 10 seas in search of riches, fame, and vengeance. It is rumored that he found the grail of Gaganvihari, granting him eternal life and strength. Zohar Prefers to be alone, the years he has endured from living so long has hardened his emotions, but he always is looking for that loyal crew that will help him find what he is looking for. He does not get attached to his crew, although he has made an exception to his current one and his second in command, Catherine. Captain Zohar wears a leather trench coat, the belt of Jaldev (god of water), Black leather pants, the sword of Aaditya acquired in the tower of the sun, red boots, white gloves, and a fancy shirt that he stole from a noble man.

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